First of all, thank you for continuing to check my blog even when it’s been a vast wasteland of nothingness over the last couple of months. My readers are my friends, and I treasure each and every one of you who have followed along with my blogging journey for the last five years.

That said, I believe I’m at the end of an era. Blogging isn’t a huge passion of mine (though writing fiction for YOU is!), and right now I’m not able to put the kind of time or effort into making a blog spectacular. Because of this, I won’t be updating this blog on a regular basis anymore. I will leave it live, though, so you can search through the archives as much as you’d like.

Even though I’m not going to continue maintaining THIS blog, I am absolutely willing to guest post for others. If you write a teen blog, a book review blog, a writers blog, a people-who-love-puppies blog, whatever–please shoot me an email (ashley at You’re welcome to use anything from my backlist with permission, and I’d love to write new pieces for you whenever I have the margin.

Also, while I won’t be blogging, I AM maintaining a newsletter list! –> See over on the right side of my blog? If you drop your email address into that little box, you’ll receive a quarterly newsletter from me with a message similar to my blog posts as well as any upcoming book news when the time comes. (And if you sign up this way you have the option of downloading a super-special, “Strength. Dignity. Laughter.” wallpaper for your smartphone if you’re into that kind of thing!)

I’m also pretty active on social media as well, so please feel free to click on whatever venue you love and follow me there. You’re even welcome to friend me on Facebook if you’d like. All the links are on the top of my site, or you can go to the “contact me” page to see it all in one place.

Thank you so much for your support over the last five years of my blog’s existence. My readers have made the time poured into this thing so very worth it. I’m excited to keep in contact with you through my email newsletter, and you’re always welcome to email me if you’d like to chat.

Love Always.


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